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Coming to the Point

Coming to the Point(Choka for Geoff) It was like joiningup the dots – a hard nosed roadof finding loopholes;of liquid nights down amongstsharp thorny tussocks;hell-bent on the art of war,like a drunk pokiemachine with an axe to grind. Basho doesn’t wastehis days – he makes lemonade,plucks tart cherries fromsprawling temple tree blossoms.I see him watchingfromContinue reading “Coming to the Point”

Writers Group Theme: Currying Favour

Writers Group Theme: Currying Favour(A Bitter & Twisted Writer’s Dream Theme) It’s not in my DNA;fawning over gatekeeperswith gift wrapped cupcakes,or doting on editorsin honey voiced platitudesat a publishing house soirée.It’s lame – a step awayfrom hip replacement surgery. Far better to curry flavours;sautee onion & cheeky spiceswith virgin oils – rustle upa tomato orContinue reading “Writers Group Theme: Currying Favour”

Well Meaning

Well Meaning His words evaporate like fogin mid morning on leaving his mouth.I’d love to drop a fewmicro hints over a lager or twowith him – quickly avert my gaze,so as not to assume pontiff.It would be over in a brief episode;as quick & as painlessas a flick of the scalpel. I’d pass him aContinue reading “Well Meaning”

On Any Other Day

On Any Other Day Perhaps it was no different than any other form of misfortune.Like waking up with a screamerof a cold, or Bells Palsy on the morningof a GQ cover shoot – bad luck,but there it is in plain scrawl.Died by the visitation of God It was the accepted lingo;a way of embodying theContinue reading “On Any Other Day”

Rediscovered Episode

Rediscovered Episode I moon over skin gradients.Digits probe – bluff their way,like it’s my debut night foray on a fretless bass without dots. Audio gibbers – it tracks the actionin a blow by blow commentary,like a satellite voyeur on heat. The universe falls apart – justfor a while – until it returnsto pick up whereContinue reading “Rediscovered Episode”

On One’s Arrival

On One’s Arrival No doubt you seem bug eyedas you wash ashoretowards starched sentinelsof five borough hives. Your hopeful flesh cutsthick air in quick stridesover silent ones below,who dream through another lensin the full light of dark and who cannot see us. Trundling forward with hopecarved from brownstone rock;your eyes swallowed wholelike the hours inContinue reading “On One’s Arrival”

Remixing the Outtakes

Remixing the Outtakes It was like turning the houseupside down – rifling throughthe lost & found in searchof optic enhancements, only to findthem lounging on my forehead;propping up the frontal lobessinging I told you so through a mic. I had forgotten how to rollwith shadows; like a shot southpawwith retinal failure – his sinister handstabbingContinue reading “Remixing the Outtakes”

Timely Entrance

Timely Entrance Bleating telephone bellsshook my eyelids – threw backthe covers & screamed in morning’sover exposed high key racket,like a sharp rap on the front doorafter a late night blunt in reverse. The awkward stench of fading organstook issue with the sickly sweetof her perfume – it threatenedto break the ice. His head tiltedback onContinue reading “Timely Entrance”

Chinese Brandy

Chinese Brandy (for Mary) A company of cicadasmake their entry on cue,chatting with the slow surgeof wind music – pushing insmall waves over the surfaceof oak leaves whispering like Cantonese chimes. It’s as good a place as anyto wash up—the last lightshe’ll ever see shoots througha backroom window with a softlanding on pressed white linen.Continue reading “Chinese Brandy”

On Turning Pages

On Turning Pages It’s a search for mislaid memories; minutiae lost & found hiding amongst porous pages born of earthly tree rings. Charred insignia hunkered down in tight groupIngs of odd rank & file. The eye a step ahead of every letter; oblivious to the crawl of slow hands turning cartwheels – locked in time.Continue reading “On Turning Pages”