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Your Song Is My Song

Your Song is My Song It’s a wrap at the Chinatownshindig – they’re painting starsabove Beaumont Highway tonightwith high-viz neon sparks. It’s all light frou-frouswith laughing gas & smoke,embroidering the black shroudwith on the fly calligraphy. Between narrow slitsof a wooden shack,a lambs eye is squinting through celestial vapours.Stupefied by black tarand brandy, a manContinue reading “Your Song Is My Song”

Book of Hours

Book of Hours For an infinite secondthere are two of her; a bathing suited twinhovers over shifting rippleslike a saucy double exposure. Bullets of light shoot holesthrough skin—piercing herdoppelgänger in lunch hours blaze. The watery canvas dissolves;waves distort her gapingmouth – threaten to devourmy parched eyeballs. ©️Orion Foote, 2023

On One’s Arrival

On One’s Arrival No doubt you seem bug eyedas you wash ashoretowards starched sentinelsof five borough hives. Your hopeful flesh cutsthick air in quick stridesover silent ones below,who dream through another lensin the full light of dark and who cannot see us. Trundling forward with hopecarved from brownstone rock;your eyes swallowed wholelike the hours inContinue reading “On One’s Arrival”

Remixing the Outtakes

Remixing the Outtakes It was like turning the houseupside down – rifling throughthe lost & found in searchof optic enhancements, only to findthem lounging on my forehead;propping up the frontal lobessinging I told you so through a mic. I had forgotten how to rollwith shadows; like a shot southpawwith retinal failure – his sinister handstabbingContinue reading “Remixing the Outtakes”


Sundays Dusty cream wirelesspours Mancini staticthrough piping valves. Sizzled lamb beckonsfrom warm plates withsharp bite of mint saucefrom Staffordshire boat. His enlarged irisesbeam down onSunday pages—thinksI wouldn’t knowwhat day it was. ©️Orion Foote, 2022