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Your Song Is My Song

Your Song is My Song It’s a wrap at the Chinatownshindig – they’re painting starsabove Beaumont Highway tonightwith high-viz neon sparks. It’s all light frou-frouswith laughing gas & smoke,embroidering the black shroudwith on the fly calligraphy. Between narrow slitsof a wooden shack,a lambs eye is squinting through celestial vapours.Stupefied by black tarand brandy, a manContinue reading “Your Song Is My Song”

Interim Eternal

Interim Eternal In ramshackle light,a stellata blossommakes its last stand;rallies against the blightof a humbug season. People live & dieby their own devices around here – minglewith those of another kind;gather nebulous clues to another’s Rubik’s cubefrom the corner of their eye. Some flinch at echoes.They shy away froma well meaning sun,or avert blinking eyesfromContinue reading “Interim Eternal”

Flash Bulletins

Flash Bulletins In joining up the pixels,my senses throbon high tech alert. These fibre optic days,despatches travel as quick as light.They bounce back at us from autocues – starchedanchors in wardrobe glossrelay them in HD vignettes. The morning brought plasmaupdates & widescreen data;issued a warning – tingled like the intro to Strawberry Letter 23.Tonight, theContinue reading “Flash Bulletins”

Postcards from Kobayashi

Postcards from Kobayashi(Haiku Chain) Your rabid fire songfades – a dull yellow echoof bilious hues. Leering clouds obscureour prime source – I catch their drift;hours shrink like burnt leaves. I sweep charred ashesof warm smiles into crisp wind;time sings rubato. Portrait with skylinesleeps darkly in foxed pages;a digital ghost. Hushed low strung murmursrecede into winter’sContinue reading “Postcards from Kobayashi”

Autumn Trinity

Autumn Trinity(Three Haiku) Your rabid fire songfades in yellow echoesof withered sad hues. I sweep charred embersof warm smiles to crisp four winds;knowing time runs true. In subdued transit,we bathe in quiet longing;pine for scorched kisses. ©️ Orion Foote

Editing Natural Selection

Editing Natural Selection I secretly enjoy the rigmarole:it’s like self medicating on words after arcane dental work,or playing devil’s advocatefor a mixed marriage betweena CNN reporter & a Russian diplomat. I’m bent over foul papersat three in the afternoon – shufflingarbitrary shorthand symbols,until it’s time to tango; time to startdropping liquorice in the snow. AtContinue reading “Editing Natural Selection”

Dying in Third Person

Dying in Third Person He doubles as despatch rider.blazing in with grim omenssquirming inside satchel’s womb.2B pencil droppings – those fadedby the furore of fiery light,mix with those of a darker ilk;not for the eyes of another. When the chosen appear aboveechoes of fire & morning bells,he reaches for sidearm & scissors;spares no expense ofContinue reading “Dying in Third Person”

Well Meaning

Well Meaning His words evaporate like fogin mid morning on leaving his mouth.I’d love to drop a fewmicro hints over a lager or twowith him – quickly avert my gaze,so as not to assume pontiff.It would be over in a brief episode;as quick & as painlessas a flick of the scalpel. I’d pass him aContinue reading “Well Meaning”

On Any Other Day

On Any Other Day Perhaps it was no different than any other form of misfortune.Like waking up with a screamerof a cold, or Bells Palsy on the morningof a GQ cover shoot – bad luck,but there it is in plain scrawl.Died by the visitation of God It was the accepted lingo;a way of embodying theContinue reading “On Any Other Day”

Book of Hours

Book of Hours For an infinite secondthere are two of her; a bathing suited twinhovers over shifting rippleslike a saucy double exposure. Bullets of light shoot holesthrough skin—piercing herdoppelgänger in lunch hours blaze. The watery canvas dissolves;waves distort her gapingmouth – threaten to devourmy parched eyeballs. ©️Orion Foote, 2023