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Your Song Is My Song

Your Song is My Song It’s a wrap at the Chinatownshindig – they’re painting starsabove Beaumont Highway tonightwith high-viz neon sparks. It’s all light frou-frouswith laughing gas & smoke,embroidering the black shroudwith on the fly calligraphy. Between narrow slitsof a wooden shack,a lambs eye is squinting through celestial vapours.Stupefied by black tarand brandy, a manContinue reading “Your Song Is My Song”

Interim Eternal

Interim Eternal In ramshackle light,a stellata blossommakes its last stand;rallies against the blightof a humbug season. People live & dieby their own devices around here – minglewith those of another kind;gather nebulous clues to another’s Rubik’s cubefrom the corner of their eye. Some flinch at echoes.They shy away froma well meaning sun,or avert blinking eyesfromContinue reading “Interim Eternal”

Coming to the Point

Coming to the Point(Choka for Geoff) It was like joiningup the dots – a hard nosed roadof finding loopholes;of liquid nights down amongstsharp thorny tussocks;hell-bent on the art of war,like a drunk pokiemachine with an axe to grind. Basho doesn’t wastehis days – he makes lemonade,plucks tart cherries fromsprawling temple tree blossoms.I see him watchingfromContinue reading “Coming to the Point”

Well Meaning

Well Meaning His words evaporate like fogin mid morning on leaving his mouth.I’d love to drop a fewmicro hints over a lager or twowith him – quickly avert my gaze,so as not to assume pontiff.It would be over in a brief episode;as quick & as painlessas a flick of the scalpel. I’d pass him aContinue reading “Well Meaning”

Devices ‘n that

Devices ‘n that It seems faith has been renewedat the vape store this morning.All that concrete clutter and bigblue smoke has had it’s way with her. Aspect ratios and minoraffections of those left behindhave cut tracks on her forehead,but she is of another sprightly coil.Rear view mirrors have shownher these things tend toevaporate—settle into aContinue reading “Devices ‘n that”