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Home Truths

Home Truths(Tanka chain) Kiki scans pagesof morning’s feline gazette.She nose tracks lettersin earth scented light columns;marks time shoveling fur dew. Black coffee belchessteam from kiln fired cup. Speakerssquirm with hot vibes – it’s Ry Cooder pulling the stringsall over Chavez Ravine. Sun beaten facesperuse stacked rows of new spines.I watch their eyeballssearch for cryptic codesContinue reading “Home Truths”

Dying in Third Person

Dying in Third Person He doubles as despatch rider.blazing in with grim omenssquirming inside satchel’s womb.2B pencil droppings – those fadedby the furore of fiery light,mix with those of a darker ilk;not for the eyes of another. When the chosen appear aboveechoes of fire & morning bells,he reaches for sidearm & scissors;spares no expense ofContinue reading “Dying in Third Person”

Well Meaning

Well Meaning His words evaporate like fogin mid morning on leaving his mouth.I’d love to drop a fewmicro hints over a lager or twowith him – quickly avert my gaze,so as not to assume pontiff.It would be over in a brief episode;as quick & as painlessas a flick of the scalpel. I’d pass him aContinue reading “Well Meaning”

Stewing in North Tawton

Stewing in North Tawton Borges was underwhelmed byOphelia’s latest efforts; wasn’tin the mood for her taut gibberishof Gestapo knickknacks or swollenpink tulips in Caesar’s bathhouse. Her clammy fingers hammer awayat infinity; blubber and grate at thisheathen hour of day. They make hisfrontal lobes wince like a clapped outdartboard at the local corner pub. He rattlesContinue reading “Stewing in North Tawton”