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Coming to the Point

Coming to the Point(Choka for Geoff) It was like joiningup the dots – a hard nosed roadof finding loopholes;of liquid nights down amongstsharp thorny tussocks;hell-bent on the art of war,like a drunk pokiemachine with an axe to grind. Basho doesn’t wastehis days – he makes lemonade,plucks tart cherries fromsprawling temple tree blossoms.I see him watchingfromContinue reading “Coming to the Point”

Writers Group Theme: Currying Favour

Writers Group Theme: Currying Favour(A Bitter & Twisted Writer’s Dream Theme) It’s not in my DNA;fawning over gatekeeperswith gift wrapped cupcakes,or doting on editorsin honey voiced platitudesat a publishing house soirée.It’s lame – a step awayfrom hip replacement surgery. Far better to curry flavours;sautee onion & cheeky spiceswith virgin oils – rustle upa tomato orContinue reading “Writers Group Theme: Currying Favour”

After the Wrap

After the Wrap Call it the hypnotic pullof icicles holding courton a frigid window pane.It’s like watching time dissolveinside a Rothko expanse;a wordless haikuthat requires no translationin any known language. A speechless actordoesn’t need subtitleswhen zoning out with eye clouds;It’s a final print in empathy.A quiet affirmationof all that is understoodthrough the hushed crescendoof time’sContinue reading “After the Wrap”

On Any Other Day

On Any Other Day Perhaps it was no different than any other form of misfortune.Like waking up with a screamerof a cold, or Bells Palsy on the morningof a GQ cover shoot – bad luck,but there it is in plain scrawl.Died by the visitation of God It was the accepted lingo;a way of embodying theContinue reading “On Any Other Day”

Foul Papers

Foul Papers At times, splinters of lightmight penetrate the darkroom.Sweeping like liquid; churning ontheir solemn trajectory tomingle alongside my gnashingcells like silent hues of algae. Sun-dried and parched beneaththe intrepid blaze of the sun,becoming finely sated like alluvialdust clinging together in bolsters.Only to return under the deepshroud of night, to lay inert withdrizzled shards andContinue reading “Foul Papers”