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Flying Home

Flying Home We’re leaving this place;these kaleidoscope nights that burn in loud neonabove Times Square after dusk. Time can blur the lines,like hearts & fleshthat yearn for ways throughthe blare of yellow taxis;through a maze of noise,groping alone in the darkfor each other. Frazzled by waking hours,dragging feet with humidthoughts down broad avenues;our silence reverberatingContinue reading “Flying Home”

Rediscovered Episode

Rediscovered Episode I moon over skin gradients.Digits probe – bluff their way,like it’s my debut night foray on a fretless bass without dots. Audio gibbers – it tracks the actionin a blow by blow commentary,like a satellite voyeur on heat. The universe falls apart – justfor a while – until it returnsto pick up whereContinue reading “Rediscovered Episode”

At Your Wishing Well

At Your Wishing Well All inside this roomrecedes into the blueof minuscule hours. Scriabin’s arabesqueshave called it a night;slipped away to ponder rumours of mintedchocolate—notes ofripe vanilla that speakin warm silken tones. Would it be too much towish this second linger;slowly turn to stone. ©️Orion Foote, 2022