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Rediscovered Episode

Rediscovered Episode I moon over skin gradients.Digits probe – bluff their way,like it’s my debut night foray on a fretless bass without dots. Audio gibbers – it tracks the actionin a blow by blow commentary,like a satellite voyeur on heat. The universe falls apart – justfor a while – until it returnsto pick up whereContinue reading “Rediscovered Episode”

Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been (for Geoff)

Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been It might have been inone of those three syllablemonths – the ones with a decisivestress point smack in themiddle; the hopeful quartetthat arrive towards thelatter part of the year,announcing the onsetof milder days and lesstroubled thoughts. It was more a minimalistHaiku collaboration thanan empty exchange of words.YouContinue reading “Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been (for Geoff)”

At Your Wishing Well

At Your Wishing Well All inside this roomrecedes into the blueof minuscule hours. Scriabin’s arabesqueshave called it a night;slipped away to ponder rumours of mintedchocolate—notes ofripe vanilla that speakin warm silken tones. Would it be too much towish this second linger;slowly turn to stone. ©️Orion Foote, 2022