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Remixing the Outtakes

Remixing the Outtakes It was like turning the houseupside down – rifling throughthe lost & found in searchof optic enhancements, only to findthem lounging on my forehead;propping up the frontal lobessinging I told you so through a mic. I had forgotten how to rollwith shadows; like a shot southpawwith retinal failure – his sinister handstabbingContinue reading “Remixing the Outtakes”

Timely Entrance

Timely Entrance Bleating telephone bellsshook my eyelids – threw backthe covers & screamed in morning’sover exposed high key racket,like a sharp rap on the front doorafter a late night blunt in reverse. The awkward stench of fading organstook issue with the sickly sweetof her perfume – it threatenedto break the ice. His head tiltedback onContinue reading “Timely Entrance”

On Turning Pages

On Turning Pages It’s a search for mislaid memories; minutiae lost & found hiding amongst porous pages born of earthly tree rings. Charred insignia hunkered down in tight groupIngs of odd rank & file. The eye a step ahead of every letter; oblivious to the crawl of slow hands turning cartwheels – locked in time.Continue reading “On Turning Pages”

Ellis Island Prayer

Ellis Island Prayer She dreams of the curiousgaze from another’s eyes.The slow nasal drawlof a foreign tongue – hardpressed to pronounce a namethat sprouts from bloodiedtree roots of a distant soil.Each minute screams eternityin her solitary hours, a stasisbetween the teeming portalto a new world sanctuary& a glass plate view from abrownstone tenement window. ©️OrionContinue reading “Ellis Island Prayer”

Street Corner Scribes

Street Corner Scribes My psycho geographic beathooks me up with street angels.Icons of the literati’s inner sanctum,such as Shakespeare Walkor Bronte Street dot the city’s heartbeat.They wave at me in hi-viz chalk whitecharacters—pointing this way & that like cryptic runes on traffic point duty. At mornings low tide, I wait for ghost writers & theirContinue reading “Street Corner Scribes”

Dinner with Sebald

Dinner with Sebald Rapid eye gymnasticsin deep focus cut toa table setting; belowspiky palm silhouettesnear a Key West shoreline. I’m picking at Bavarianbrain cells over calamariwith lashings of tartare& lemon. Knocking backa bright Rosado as he waxes of post war hangovers jostling with a yacht rock soundtrack. Moon coloured foamseethes under a Nor’Westerly breeze surfingContinue reading “Dinner with Sebald”

Plainsong on Black Keys

Plainsong on Black Keys In mornings feeble tones,the belligerent lighthouseplays hide & seek withlilac bushels of cloud fluff.Barbie pink petals falllike day-glo showersover a sea green sedan.A furtive semi brève crawls through the gapof the drivers window.It hovers like a tuningfork, turning overin mid song, as I chipaway at soft moundsof snow – pushing silentlyagainstContinue reading “Plainsong on Black Keys”

Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been (for Geoff)

Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been It might have been inone of those three syllablemonths – the ones with a decisivestress point smack in themiddle; the hopeful quartetthat arrive towards thelatter part of the year,announcing the onsetof milder days and lesstroubled thoughts. It was more a minimalistHaiku collaboration thanan empty exchange of words.YouContinue reading “Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been (for Geoff)”

Branford Park, Just Quietly

Branford Park, Just Quietly Small clusters of Daisiesshimmy and quiver alongthe embankment this morning. Summer tides have madetheir early return, cutting a swathethrough the valley’s epicentre, where bird chatter makes itshalf hearted attempt at smalltalk with zesty oak leaves rippling in the coolof morning’s tepid breeze.Each blade of grass will begin it’s parched transition fromevergreenContinue reading “Branford Park, Just Quietly”