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Remixing the Outtakes

Photo ©️Orion Foote

Remixing the Outtakes

It was like turning the house
upside down – rifling through
the lost & found in search
of optic enhancements, only to find
them lounging on my forehead;
propping up the frontal lobes
singing I told you so through a mic.

I had forgotten how to roll
with shadows; like a shot southpaw
with retinal failure – his sinister hand
stabbing at diversion & quicksilver.

These days it’s somehow enough;
like learning how to dream – plodding
over snowdrifts through day’s
blinkered light. Fine tuned antenna
eavesdropping on high alert.
Warm digits champing at the bit.

©️Orion Foote


Published by mawherablue

Teller of tall tales....

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