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Your Song Is My Song

Your Song is My Song It’s a wrap at the Chinatownshindig – they’re painting starsabove Beaumont Highway tonightwith high-viz neon sparks. It’s all light frou-frouswith laughing gas & smoke,embroidering the black shroudwith on the fly calligraphy. Between narrow slitsof a wooden shack,a lambs eye is squinting through celestial vapours.Stupefied by black tarand brandy, a manContinue reading “Your Song Is My Song”

Interim Eternal

Interim Eternal In ramshackle light,a stellata blossommakes its last stand;rallies against the blightof a humbug season. People live & dieby their own devices around here – minglewith those of another kind;gather nebulous clues to another’s Rubik’s cubefrom the corner of their eye. Some flinch at echoes.They shy away froma well meaning sun,or avert blinking eyesfromContinue reading “Interim Eternal”

Flying Home

Flying Home We’re leaving this place;these kaleidoscope nights that burn in loud neonabove Times Square after dusk. Time can blur the lines,like hearts & fleshthat yearn for ways throughthe blare of yellow taxis;through a maze of noise,groping alone in the darkfor each other. Frazzled by waking hours,dragging feet with humidthoughts down broad avenues;our silence reverberatingContinue reading “Flying Home”

Coming to the Point

Coming to the Point(Choka for Geoff) It was like joiningup the dots – a hard nosed roadof finding loopholes;of liquid nights down amongstsharp thorny tussocks;hell-bent on the art of war,like a drunk pokiemachine with an axe to grind. Basho doesn’t wastehis days – he makes lemonade,plucks tart cherries fromsprawling temple tree blossoms.I see him watchingfromContinue reading “Coming to the Point”

Home Truths

Home Truths(Tanka chain) Kiki scans pagesof morning’s feline gazette.She nose tracks lettersin earth scented light columns;marks time shoveling fur dew. Black coffee belchessteam from kiln fired cup. Speakerssquirm with hot vibes – it’s Ry Cooder pulling the stringsall over Chavez Ravine. Sun beaten facesperuse stacked rows of new spines.I watch their eyeballssearch for cryptic codesContinue reading “Home Truths”

Flash Bulletins

Flash Bulletins In joining up the pixels,my senses throbon high tech alert. These fibre optic days,despatches travel as quick as light.They bounce back at us from autocues – starchedanchors in wardrobe glossrelay them in HD vignettes. The morning brought plasmaupdates & widescreen data;issued a warning – tingled like the intro to Strawberry Letter 23.Tonight, theContinue reading “Flash Bulletins”

Writers Group Theme: Currying Favour

Writers Group Theme: Currying Favour(A Bitter & Twisted Writer’s Dream Theme) It’s not in my DNA;fawning over gatekeeperswith gift wrapped cupcakes,or doting on editorsin honey voiced platitudesat a publishing house soirée.It’s lame – a step awayfrom hip replacement surgery. Far better to curry flavours;sautee onion & cheeky spiceswith virgin oils – rustle upa tomato orContinue reading “Writers Group Theme: Currying Favour”

Newtons Epilogue

Newtons Epilogue(In Memorium) Once, on a cold inclinenamed after your mother,you turned as if Karajan to his Figaro;as if Jesus to Simon and saidTo conquer death,we only have to die. At the drop of a baton,time holds sway like a dirge,wincing at the refrainof it’s own untold forecast;we only have to die. And what ofContinue reading “Newtons Epilogue”

Where Stories End & Dreams Begin

Where Stories End & Dreams Begin(Choka for Fran)) You wrap the night’s breathin ivory sheets with stars;in monochrome dreamsof wild Gypsophila snow. You hear words spokenin the language of a mothertongue, that knows the layof the landscape in night’s pall. Moonbeams shoot the breeze. By morning, a grateful sundotes on gilded braids;coaxing highlights, like dawn’sContinue reading “Where Stories End & Dreams Begin”