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Editing Natural Selection

Editing Natural Selection I secretly enjoy the rigmarole:it’s like self medicating on words after arcane dental work,or playing devil’s advocatefor a mixed marriage betweena CNN reporter & a Russian diplomat. I’m bent over foul papersat three in the afternoon – shufflingarbitrary shorthand symbols,until it’s time to tango; time to startdropping liquorice in the snow. AtContinue reading “Editing Natural Selection”

Closer Then

Closer Then It constitutes the lastgasp of a wordless haiku—peeringthrough snow drift icicles ona zen photographer’s windowpane in bright alabaster winter islike watching stars melt inside theexpanse of a late period Rothko. Ground German glass piercesthe fog of memory spirits—eachrecalled and submitted for reviewbefore imminent trial and sentencing. Like the actor gazing througha cigar hazeContinue reading “Closer Then”