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Editing Natural Selection

Photo ©️Orion Foote

Editing Natural Selection

I secretly enjoy the rigmarole:
it’s like self medicating on words
after arcane dental work,
or playing devil’s advocate
for a mixed marriage between
a CNN reporter & a Russian diplomat.

I’m bent over foul papers
at three in the afternoon – shuffling
arbitrary shorthand symbols,
until it’s time to tango; time to start
dropping liquorice in the snow.

At day’s end, a clean slate
would suit me fine – throw in
the towel and go for silent gestures.
Let the emperor’s new clothes
assault the catwalk, as some
kind of not so subtle innuendo.
Maybe the editor would play along;
perhaps he would even get it.

©️Orion Foote


Published by mawherablue

Teller of tall tales....

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