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Editing Natural Selection

Editing Natural Selection I secretly enjoy the rigmarole:it’s like self medicating on words after arcane dental work,or playing devil’s advocatefor a mixed marriage betweena CNN reporter & a Russian diplomat. I’m bent over foul papersat three in the afternoon – shufflingarbitrary shorthand symbols,until it’s time to tango; time to startdropping liquorice in the snow. AtContinue reading “Editing Natural Selection”

Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been (for Geoff)

Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been It might have been inone of those three syllablemonths – the ones with a decisivestress point smack in themiddle; the hopeful quartetthat arrive towards thelatter part of the year,announcing the onsetof milder days and lesstroubled thoughts. It was more a minimalistHaiku collaboration thanan empty exchange of words.YouContinue reading “Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been (for Geoff)”

As Is So Often the Case

As Is So Often the Case Units of centimorgansvie for attention with dailyword conundrums ridingshotgun—it’s become a focuspoint for staying the course.Holding onto that thoughtis the new shapeshifter now;an eternal blip in the present. So, how does that sound ?,she offers through the wires,not wanting to appear in anyway unhelpful—like thebated breath of magnifiedsilence insideContinue reading “As Is So Often the Case”

Extracts from the Blue Notebook (with additional notes to self)

Extracts from the Blue Notebook(with additional notes to self) I like the Depardieu episode;what he says about grapesthat struggle in adverse soilconditions produce better wineis, in all likelihood, quite true.I mean, not that I would know.But the metaphor stuck with me.There’s an honesty about hiswork—it’s something in his eyes.He inhabits the characters emotions;there’s more toContinue reading “Extracts from the Blue Notebook (with additional notes to self)”

Carpark Monologue

I’m beginning to relate tothe liquid pulse of Faure’s tempo: the persistent hum of words thatthreaten to gate crash the showat any minute with their usedcar salesman’s pitch and patter. I thought of cracking openthe promising Tempranillo fromLogrono and watching that JimJarmusch movie again with the Brieand pâte from last nights fiasco, untilI remembered IContinue reading “Carpark Monologue”