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Newtons Epilogue

Newtons Epilogue(In Memorium) Once, on a cold inclinenamed after your mother,you turned as if Karajan to his Figaro;as if Jesus to Simon and saidTo conquer death,we only have to die. At the drop of a baton,time holds sway like a dirge,wincing at the refrainof it’s own untold forecast;we only have to die. And what ofContinue reading “Newtons Epilogue”

Postcards from Kobayashi

Postcards from Kobayashi(Haiku Chain) Your rabid fire songfades – a dull yellow echoof bilious hues. Leering clouds obscureour prime source – I catch their drift;hours shrink like burnt leaves. I sweep charred ashesof warm smiles into crisp wind;time sings rubato. Portrait with skylinesleeps darkly in foxed pages;a digital ghost. Hushed low strung murmursrecede into winter’sContinue reading “Postcards from Kobayashi”

Autumn Trinity

Autumn Trinity(Three Haiku) Your rabid fire songfades in yellow echoesof withered sad hues. I sweep charred embersof warm smiles to crisp four winds;knowing time runs true. In subdued transit,we bathe in quiet longing;pine for scorched kisses. ©️ Orion Foote

Rewriting his Plaque

On Rewriting his Plaque Three weeks shyof a neat three score,I come to your river pewin midday’s yellow blaze. I wait for the trillof the rivers song;for arms of valley hillsto wrap around me,like pale limp flesh, that oncedraped across my ribsin morning’s wondrous lightthat yawned through waking curtains To eavesdrop on grating cicadasin shamelessContinue reading “Rewriting his Plaque”

Book of Hours

Book of Hours For an infinite secondthere are two of her; a bathing suited twinhovers over shifting rippleslike a saucy double exposure. Bullets of light shoot holesthrough skin—piercing herdoppelgänger in lunch hours blaze. The watery canvas dissolves;waves distort her gapingmouth – threaten to devourmy parched eyeballs. ©️Orion Foote, 2023

Rediscovered Episode

Rediscovered Episode I moon over skin gradients.Digits probe – bluff their way,like it’s my debut night foray on a fretless bass without dots. Audio gibbers – it tracks the actionin a blow by blow commentary,like a satellite voyeur on heat. The universe falls apart – justfor a while – until it returnsto pick up whereContinue reading “Rediscovered Episode”

Remixing the Outtakes

Remixing the Outtakes It was like turning the houseupside down – rifling throughthe lost & found in searchof optic enhancements, only to findthem lounging on my forehead;propping up the frontal lobessinging I told you so through a mic. I had forgotten how to rollwith shadows; like a shot southpawwith retinal failure – his sinister handstabbingContinue reading “Remixing the Outtakes”

Timely Entrance

Timely Entrance Bleating telephone bellsshook my eyelids – threw backthe covers & screamed in morning’sover exposed high key racket,like a sharp rap on the front doorafter a late night blunt in reverse. The awkward stench of fading organstook issue with the sickly sweetof her perfume – it threatenedto break the ice. His head tiltedback onContinue reading “Timely Entrance”

Dinner with Sebald

Dinner with Sebald Rapid eye gymnasticsin deep focus cut toa table setting; belowspiky palm silhouettesnear a Key West shoreline. I’m picking at Bavarianbrain cells over calamariwith lashings of tartare& lemon. Knocking backa bright Rosado as he waxes of post war hangovers jostling with a yacht rock soundtrack. Moon coloured foamseethes under a Nor’Westerly breeze surfingContinue reading “Dinner with Sebald”