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Where Stories End & Dreams Begin

Where Stories End & Dreams Begin(Choka for Fran)) You wrap the night’s breathin ivory sheets with stars;in monochrome dreamsof wild Gypsophila snow. You hear words spokenin the language of a mothertongue, that knows the layof the landscape in night’s pall. Moonbeams shoot the breeze. By morning, a grateful sundotes on gilded braids;coaxing highlights, like dawn’sContinue reading “Where Stories End & Dreams Begin”

Postcards from Kobayashi

Postcards from Kobayashi(Haiku Chain) Your rabid fire songfades – a dull yellow echoof bilious hues. Leering clouds obscureour prime source – I catch their drift;hours shrink like burnt leaves. I sweep charred ashesof warm smiles into crisp wind;time sings rubato. Portrait with skylinesleeps darkly in foxed pages;a digital ghost. Hushed low strung murmursrecede into winter’sContinue reading “Postcards from Kobayashi”

Dying in Third Person

Dying in Third Person He doubles as despatch rider.blazing in with grim omenssquirming inside satchel’s womb.2B pencil droppings – those fadedby the furore of fiery light,mix with those of a darker ilk;not for the eyes of another. When the chosen appear aboveechoes of fire & morning bells,he reaches for sidearm & scissors;spares no expense ofContinue reading “Dying in Third Person”

Book of Hours

Book of Hours For an infinite secondthere are two of her; a bathing suited twinhovers over shifting rippleslike a saucy double exposure. Bullets of light shoot holesthrough skin—piercing herdoppelgänger in lunch hours blaze. The watery canvas dissolves;waves distort her gapingmouth – threaten to devourmy parched eyeballs. ©️Orion Foote, 2023

Ellis Island Prayer

Ellis Island Prayer She dreams of the curiousgaze from another’s eyes.The slow nasal drawlof a foreign tongue – hardpressed to pronounce a namethat sprouts from bloodiedtree roots of a distant soil.Each minute screams eternityin her solitary hours, a stasisbetween the teeming portalto a new world sanctuary& a glass plate view from abrownstone tenement window. ©️OrionContinue reading “Ellis Island Prayer”

Dinner with Sebald

Dinner with Sebald Rapid eye gymnasticsin deep focus cut toa table setting; belowspiky palm silhouettesnear a Key West shoreline. I’m picking at Bavarianbrain cells over calamariwith lashings of tartare& lemon. Knocking backa bright Rosado as he waxes of post war hangovers jostling with a yacht rock soundtrack. Moon coloured foamseethes under a Nor’Westerly breeze surfingContinue reading “Dinner with Sebald”

Plainsong on Black Keys

Plainsong on Black Keys In mornings feeble tones,the belligerent lighthouseplays hide & seek withlilac bushels of cloud fluff.Barbie pink petals falllike day-glo showersover a sea green sedan.A furtive semi brève crawls through the gapof the drivers window.It hovers like a tuningfork, turning overin mid song, as I chipaway at soft moundsof snow – pushing silentlyagainstContinue reading “Plainsong on Black Keys”


Encryptions If only I could recordthe inner workings at nightin 4K pristine transfer—microchips working sensory overtime,burning disc to disc inshimmers of HD excellence. The nights carry stacks ofneuro abstraction data ripefor the picking—teemingwith oddly familiar facesthat still retain their senseof uncertainty; where youthfulsensations and heightenednerves stand at glass doors withwhite doves and jackhammers. ©️Orion Foote,Continue reading “Encryptions”

Dreaming Volumes

Dreaming Volumes Hardy snorts the glacial air;finds morning’s first brew prosaic.Last night’s jottings petered out,leaving his middle ear in two minds. No good harping on with old hatsor yesterday’s retro headlines.Those flash new chaps with theirclever tunes make his eyes water. He storms out to the sycamorewith his latest missive &bellows at shit faced poets,Continue reading “Dreaming Volumes”