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Flying Home

Flying Home We’re leaving this place;these kaleidoscope nights that burn in loud neonabove Times Square after dusk. Time can blur the lines,like hearts & fleshthat yearn for ways throughthe blare of yellow taxis;through a maze of noise,groping alone in the darkfor each other. Frazzled by waking hours,dragging feet with humidthoughts down broad avenues;our silence reverberatingContinue reading “Flying Home”

Autumn Trinity

Autumn Trinity(Three Haiku) Your rabid fire songfades in yellow echoesof withered sad hues. I sweep charred embersof warm smiles to crisp four winds;knowing time runs true. In subdued transit,we bathe in quiet longing;pine for scorched kisses. ©️ Orion Foote

Rediscovered Episode

Rediscovered Episode I moon over skin gradients.Digits probe – bluff their way,like it’s my debut night foray on a fretless bass without dots. Audio gibbers – it tracks the actionin a blow by blow commentary,like a satellite voyeur on heat. The universe falls apart – justfor a while – until it returnsto pick up whereContinue reading “Rediscovered Episode”

On One’s Arrival

On One’s Arrival No doubt you seem bug eyedas you wash ashoretowards starched sentinelsof five borough hives. Your hopeful flesh cutsthick air in quick stridesover silent ones below,who dream through another lensin the full light of dark and who cannot see us. Trundling forward with hopecarved from brownstone rock;your eyes swallowed wholelike the hours inContinue reading “On One’s Arrival”

Chinese Brandy

Chinese Brandy (for Mary) A company of cicadasmake their entry on cue,chatting with the slow surgeof wind music – pushing insmall waves over the surfaceof oak leaves whispering like Cantonese chimes. It’s as good a place as anyto wash up—the last lightshe’ll ever see shoots througha backroom window with a softlanding on pressed white linen.Continue reading “Chinese Brandy”

Dinner with Sebald

Dinner with Sebald Rapid eye gymnasticsin deep focus cut toa table setting; belowspiky palm silhouettesnear a Key West shoreline. I’m picking at Bavarianbrain cells over calamariwith lashings of tartare& lemon. Knocking backa bright Rosado as he waxes of post war hangovers jostling with a yacht rock soundtrack. Moon coloured foamseethes under a Nor’Westerly breeze surfingContinue reading “Dinner with Sebald”

Plainsong on Black Keys

Plainsong on Black Keys In mornings feeble tones,the belligerent lighthouseplays hide & seek withlilac bushels of cloud fluff.Barbie pink petals falllike day-glo showersover a sea green sedan.A furtive semi brève crawls through the gapof the drivers window.It hovers like a tuningfork, turning overin mid song, as I chipaway at soft moundsof snow – pushing silentlyagainstContinue reading “Plainsong on Black Keys”

Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been (for Geoff)

Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been It might have been inone of those three syllablemonths – the ones with a decisivestress point smack in themiddle; the hopeful quartetthat arrive towards thelatter part of the year,announcing the onsetof milder days and lesstroubled thoughts. It was more a minimalistHaiku collaboration thanan empty exchange of words.YouContinue reading “Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been (for Geoff)”

In a Manner of Speaking

In a Manner of Speaking It’s a faux sleep that brings onrapid eye contortions witheach ghostly hour of the newmorning, where I break surfaceto battle with semanticsbetween salvoes and broadsides. On intermittent days, youand I are swallowed whole bythe lugubrious crawl of time;by the authorship of saidclauses that dot the margins ofour own ill definedContinue reading “In a Manner of Speaking”