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Newtons Epilogue

Newtons Epilogue(In Memorium) Once, on a cold inclinenamed after your mother,you turned as if Karajan to his Figaro;as if Jesus to Simon and saidTo conquer death,we only have to die. At the drop of a baton,time holds sway like a dirge,wincing at the refrainof it’s own untold forecast;we only have to die. And what ofContinue reading “Newtons Epilogue”

On Any Other Day

On Any Other Day Perhaps it was no different than any other form of misfortune.Like waking up with a screamerof a cold, or Bells Palsy on the morningof a GQ cover shoot – bad luck,but there it is in plain scrawl.Died by the visitation of God It was the accepted lingo;a way of embodying theContinue reading “On Any Other Day”

Timely Entrance

Timely Entrance Bleating telephone bellsshook my eyelids – threw backthe covers & screamed in morning’sover exposed high key racket,like a sharp rap on the front doorafter a late night blunt in reverse. The awkward stench of fading organstook issue with the sickly sweetof her perfume – it threatenedto break the ice. His head tiltedback onContinue reading “Timely Entrance”

Classroom Windows

Classroom Windows I can’t remember it word for word.Not from preface to epilogue and allpoints in between, but I know you would have smiled or maybecried; torn out the page andpinned it to your cluttered dresser. That poem from your last yearbookwith the glossy yellow cover that younever held in your celestial hands. How IContinue reading “Classroom Windows”

Eliot’s Cross Examination

Isn’t it true, that your actions sproutfrom bad nerves & a swarming hive of raging ghosts—tenants of the wetbrain running riot in deep arrears. I wish I could have wrapped you in fine Taipei silk & soft feathers,removed you from the scene of leapingshadows amongst a baptism of winter.Did you suffer by the grubby handContinue reading “Eliot’s Cross Examination”