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Flash Bulletins

Flash Bulletins In joining up the pixels,my senses throbon high tech alert. These fibre optic days,despatches travel as quick as light.They bounce back at us from autocues – starchedanchors in wardrobe glossrelay them in HD vignettes. The morning brought plasmaupdates & widescreen data;issued a warning – tingled like the intro to Strawberry Letter 23.Tonight, theContinue reading “Flash Bulletins”

Dying in Third Person

Dying in Third Person He doubles as despatch rider.blazing in with grim omenssquirming inside satchel’s womb.2B pencil droppings – those fadedby the furore of fiery light,mix with those of a darker ilk;not for the eyes of another. When the chosen appear aboveechoes of fire & morning bells,he reaches for sidearm & scissors;spares no expense ofContinue reading “Dying in Third Person”

General’s Report

General’s Report I was just coming to gripswith the opening salvo, whena dubious timbre escaped herthroat. It set off the twitchy hair trigger, as electrodes in mybrain arrived with the artillery.Fortress walls clattered with themêlée of spiky syllables in flight. Her footsteps retreating jigtime down gossiping stairshad the last word—inflictingthe heavier damage by a longContinue reading “General’s Report”